Join ICAD and become engaged in our work through such membership benefits as:

  • Opportunity to participate in skills building and capacity building events;
  • Access to ICAD research and policy work;
  • Opportunity to participate in a unique forum for information exchange between international development NGOs, AIDS Service Organizations and concerned individuals;
  • Access up-to-date information, hard to find documents and other resources;
  • Automatic mailings of selected publications, quarterly newsletters and ICAD’s Weekly News Digest;
  • Representation of members’ views and concerns to the Canadian government, development agencies, the public and the media;
  • Apply for travel subsidies, when available, to attend ICAD meetings and conferences;
  • Opportunity to partner with ICAD on projects and resources.

There are several benefits that full members (institutional or individual) can enjoy:

  • Nominate members or stand for election to the Board of Directors;
  • Vote in the election of our Board of Directors;
  • Right to vote at the AGM.