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Bracelet of Hope's partnerships

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Bracelet of Hope

Période de temps

2005 > Ongoing

Lesotho / Lesotho

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Methodology / Méthodologie

Bracelet of Hope was originally created to raise funds for the first AIDS clinic in Lesotho. The Tsepong Clinic is now managed by the Basotho Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and Bracelet of Hope’s newest initiative is to establish a wellness centre that will provide holistic and comprehensive care to those infected with HIV and their families. Bracelet of Hope is working with some very remarkable Basotho leaders who are finding ways to care for AIDS orphans and enable them to stay in their own communities and also fundraises for and supports income generating activities for people living with HIV. 

Objectives / Objectifs

We know that there is a close interrelationship between poverty and HIV. Those with HIV are more likely to become poor and those who are poor are more likely to be infected with HIV. Bracelet of Hope’s work therefore includes helping those infected and affected by HIV to make a living so that they have the food, the transportation, and the medicines to effectively treat the virus.

Outcomes / Résultats

Bracelet of Hope has fundraised for and supports an orphanage for children orphaned by HIV and has developed partnerships many local groups including: Apostolic Faith Mission Social Development Division, Positively Empowered Artisans, Phelisanang Bophelong, St. Dominic’s Youth Group, Building Responsible Adults Association, and Thuso Ho Baahisane. 



Annual Budget / Budget annuel