Project/Programme Name
Nom du projet/programme

Children Living With HIV/AIDS (CLWHA)

Lead Organization
Organisation principal

Canada Africa Community Health Alliance

Période de temps

2010 > Ongoing

Tanzania / Tanzanie

Funding / Financement

Objectives / Objectifs

Daily, the Care and Treatment Centre (CTC) refers children who are newly diagnosed with HIV/AIDS to the CLWHA program. Today there are over 90 children of all ages in the program. The CLWHA program has been developed to support these children through the assistance of home based care (HBC)workers, specially trained in HIV/AIDS, who monitor the children closely in their home environments. Children and caregivers alike are taught about adherence to medication and its importance, as well as general awareness of HIV and strategies for living positively.

Annual Budget / Budget annuel

Less than $100,000

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