Project/Programme Name
Nom du projet/programme

Civil Society Action Team (CSAT)

Lead Organization
Organisation principal

International Council of AIDS Service Organizations

Période de temps

2007 > Ongoing

External Partners / Les partenaires extérieurs

Funding / Financement

themes / thèmes

Methodology / Méthodologie

The International Secretariat of ICASO in Canada was selected as the global host and five regional organizations were selected as CSAT ‘hubs’, responsible for implementing CSAT activities at the regional level.

Objectives / Objectifs

CSAT has a five-year mandate (2008 – 2013) to:

  • Identify civil society technical support needs related to Global Fund proposals and projects
  • Link technical support providers with civil society organizations that need support
  • Identify possible funding sources for technical support to civil society organizations.
  • Advocate for an expanded range of technical support services with providers
  • Facilitate civil society input into Global Fund and related UN system coordinating mechanisms
  • Promote the inclusion of marginalized groups in all aspects of Global Fund grants

Annual Budget / Budget annuel


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