Project/Programme Name
Nom du projet/programme

Comprehensive HIV/AIDS care services for Persons living with HIV/AIDS

Lead Organization
Organisation principal

Mennonite Central Committee

Période de temps

2012 > 2015

Uganda / Ouganda

External Partners / Les partenaires extérieurs

themes / thèmes

Objectives / Objectifs

  • To increase access and utilization of HIV Counseling and Testing services for  people living in Kampala district including pregnant women attending the Ante natal care, children, men and women  seeking services from the hospital.
  • To increase  the provision of palliative care services given to persons living with HIV/AIDS at Mengo Hospital by 2015
  • To increase psychosocial support for persons living with HIV through counseling.

Outcomes / Résultats

  • A reduction in HIV transmission from Mother to the unborn child measured as number of HIV exposed babies testing HIV positive at 6 weeks after birth.
  • A reduction in mortality of HIV infected children- measured as number of deaths among HIV infected children per year out of the total number of HIV infected children at the clinic.
  • An increase in the number of women receiving screening for cancer of cervix.- measured as number of HIV positive women screened for cancer of cervix out of the total population of HIV positive  women at the clinic;  number of positive cancer tests out those screened, and number offered treatment and cured.
  • A decrease in mortality due to Tuberculosis- measured as the number of deaths while on TB treatment out of the total number of TB clients identified in a given year.
  • An increase in survival for HIV infected children-


Annual Budget / Budget annuel

Less than $100,000

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