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Engendering Change

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Oxfam Canada

Période de temps

2009 > 2014

Cuba / Cuba | El Salvador / Salvador | Ethiopia / Éthiopie | Guatemala / Guatemala | Mozambique / Mozambique | Namibia / Namibie | Nicaragua / Nicaragua | Pakistan / Pakistan | South Africa / Afrique du Sud | Tanzania / Tanzanie | Zimbabwe / Zimbabwe

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themes / thèmes

Methodology / Méthodologie

In Canada, Oxfam's methodology focuses upon mobilizing Canadians to deepen their understanding and engagement, particularly on global women's issues, aid effectiveness principles and the interplay between active citizens and effective states to affect sustainable poverty reduction.

Objectives / Objectifs

The main objective of the program is to reduce gender inequality by increasing the sustainability, skill set and programming reach for southern partners to deliver tangible improvements in the lives of women in food security, rural livelihoods, HIV/AIDS reduction and freedom from violence; and empower women to actively advance women’s democratic rights.

Key activities include: capacity building of 30 partners to improve program delivery, through training and technical assistance on gender equality for women to secure improved livelihoods, access to credit, property and labour rights, and protection against HIV/AIDS and violence.

Annual Budget / Budget annuel

More than $500,000

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