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Home Based Care and Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (HBC-PMTCT) Program

Lead Organization
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Presbyterian World Service & Development

Période de temps

2006 > Ongoing

Malawi / Malawi

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Objectives / Objectifs

Comprised of three components:

  1. Ekwendeni Hospital AIDS Program (EHAP) – PMTCT/VCT (2011)
  2. Ekwendeni Hospital AIDS Program (EHAP) – Orphan Care 
  3. EHAP – Home Based Care – CIDA 

The objectives of these projects are:

  1. Help individuals with the stigma and discrimination associated with AIDS, as well as reduce its transmission from mother to child.
  2. Increase food security and care of orphans; currently the Ekwendeni catchment area, with approximately 8155 orphans and 2650 vulnerable children which places a large burden on the community.
  3. Address issues of high demand of Home Based Care (HBC) due to limited hospital capacity, nutritional status of PLWAs, dealing with opportunistic infections and a lack of knowledge of how HIV is spread.

To meet these objectives this program will:

  • Expanding and improving existing services offered by the hospital, including establishing another mobile clinic, post-test clubs, capacity training for hospital staff
  • ARV drugs and formula are provided to mothers and newborns to reduce the likelihood of transmission.
  • Provide basic necessities to 10,805 orphans and vulnerable children
  • Strengthen psychosocial and spiritual support of orphans
  • Provide support for extended families and older siblings raising orphans by providing child care support through Community Based Child Care centres.
  • Conduct refresher training for 345 CBCC teachers.
  • Support for primary school age orphans by providing basic necessities and homes
  • Increase Income Generating Activities to provide school fees and basic necessities for orphans. 
  • Increase the use of precautions against HIV transmission/reduced risk behaviour among families/caregivers of people living with HIV
  • Increase social support/reduced stigma associated with HIV/AIDS
  • Slow disease progression among people living with AIDS, including chronically-ill caregivers of orphans and vulnerable children
  • Improve quality of home-based care for people with AIDS
  • Improve emotional well-being of family/caregivers of people approaching end stages of AIDS
  • Increase access to HIV/AIDS services in northern Malawi

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