Project/Programme Name
Nom du projet/programme

Improving Maternal and Infant Care in Tanzania

Lead Organization
Organisation principal

Canada Africa Community Health Alliance

Période de temps

2012 > 2015

Tanzania / Tanzanie

Funding / Financement

themes / thèmes

Methodology / Méthodologie

This project goal is to reduce maternal and infant mortality rates in two districts of Tanzania (Moshi Rural and Ukerewe) by improving the quality of and access to maternal and infant healthcare services. 

Even though in the past 10 years Tanzania has experienced a substantial reduction in child mortality, maternal mortality ratio (578/100,000) and infant mortality rate (68/1000) are still high (Tanzania Demographic Health Survey – TDHS 2004-2005). A lack of access to quality health care can be explained by understaffing or lack of trained staff, lack of supplies and equipment, and the challenges faced by women in accessing health services. For example, in rural Tanzania, more than 60% of women give birth at home without the help of a skilled attendant (TDHS 2004-2005).  This can be attributed to a lack of awareness about the risks of unskilled deliveries, distance to facilities, transportation costs, health care costs, as well as socio-cultural barriers.

Objectives / Objectifs

This project aims to improve maternal and child heath through an integrated and collaborative approach at the health service delivery and the community level.

The specific objectives are:

A)   To improve the quality and inclusiveness of health services in target districts through skills enhancement training of health care workers in maternal and infant health.

B)    To increase accessibility to maternal and infant health care services through outreach and education activities at community level. 

Outcomes / Résultats

One of the ultimate outcomes of the project is to increase access of pregnant women to free HIV testing and PMTCT programs.  This is congruent with Tanzania’s National HIV/AIDS Programme that seeks to increase women’s access to ARV treatment, PMTCT and Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP).  

An increased vaccination rate of infants (>1) in the target districts, and a resulting drop in infant deaths, is an anticipated secondary result of enhanced community mobilization and the increased referral of mothers and children to health care services. 

Annual Budget / Budget annuel

More than $500,000