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International Aboriginal Youth Internship Program

Lead Organization
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Interagency Coalition on AIDS and Development

Période de temps

2011 > 2012

Jamaica / Jamaïque | Uganda / Ouganda

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External Partners / Les partenaires extérieurs

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Objectives / Objectifs

This project aims to encourage Canadian Aboriginal youth to become involved with community development projects both locally and globally. By being involved with HIV/AIDS care and support services, as well as awareness-raising activities in developing countries, the selected interns will be able to enhance their understanding of international development issues, including gender equality and health promotion. The interns will gain first-hand experience in the day-to-day activities of HIV/AIDS organizations in the field and therefore be able to draw linkages between the global and national epidemics.   

This project will also serve to increase skills among Canadian Aboriginal youth. The interns will gain valuable experience, knowledge and skills by participating in the activities of overseas partner organizations. The project will provide interns with the opportunity to learn from established international development experts. Furthermore, the internships will enhance the participants’ capacity to become involved in the international development field, as they will develop a better understanding of issues facing people living with HIV and best practices in community engagement and project management. ICAD believes that this will improve the employability of Canadian Aboriginal youth, and introduce them the necessary tools for a career in international development or HIV/AIDS care and support.

The secondary purpose of this project is to support and strengthen the capacity of HIV/AIDS organizations in developing countries. With the added assistance of interns, the organizations will be able to enhance their programming and activities.


Annual Budget / Budget annuel

Less than $100,000

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