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NICARAGUA: Nimehuatzin Foundation

Lead Organization
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Presbyterian World Service & Development

Période de temps

2011 > Ongoing

Nicaragua / Nicaragua

External Partners / Les partenaires extérieurs

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Objectives / Objectifs

The Nimehautzin Foundation, inspired by human rights principles, is dedicated to supporting those already infected/affected as well as preventative methods.

This project seeks to meet these objectives through an in-depth analysis and relfetcion on of causes of HIV/AIDS prevalence, which include but are not limited to, poverty, discrimination, disinformation, prejudice, male dominance and female subordination, social stigma and participation in sex trade. Through analysis of causes, a four-point strategy has been developed:

  1. Communication
  2. Courses on HIV/AIDS and human rights
  3. Conducting Studies/Research
  4. Providing physiological and psychological support to people living with HIV/AIDs and vulnerable communities

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