Project/Programme Name
Nom du projet/programme

Towards a World Without AIDS: Training of Trainers

Lead Organization
Organisation principal

Presbyterian World Service & Development

Période de temps

2011 > 2013

Kenya / Kenya

External Partners / Les partenaires extérieurs

themes / thèmes

Objectives / Objectifs

In Kenya, 1.5 million people are infected with HIV. One of the biggest problems has been misinformation regarding HIV/AIDS, which is seen as taboo and not openly discussed. This project seeks to debunk myths surrounding HIV/AIDS, correct misinformation and support people living with HIV/AIDS by training pastors and lay people, who in turn can educate Community AIDS Educators (CAE). CAEs than educate churches, community groups, and schools.

Outcomes / Résultats

This project will train 240 evangelists per year for three years through two 5-day courses to 40 evangelists each year for three years.

Annual Budget / Budget annuel


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