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Uniterra Botswana

Lead Organization
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World University Service of Canada

Période de temps

2004 > 2014

Botswana / Botswana

External Partners / Les partenaires extérieurs

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themes / thèmes

Methodology / Méthodologie

The Uniterra Volunteer Cooperation Program contributes to development in 13 countries by building capacity of civil society organizations through volunteering, international partnership and networking.   It does this by strengthening local development actors’ capacities in specific sectors and by capitalizing on the solidarity and commitment of individuals to promote and support international development.  Uniterra’s recruitment and placement of highly skilled Canadian and southern volunteers supports partner institutions’ desire to improve their capacity to meet locally-defined development needs. Participation of women at all levels, as well as youth and minority groups, is a program priority.

Since its inception in 2004, Uniterra has drawn and built on collective expertise to ensure that the program’s capacity building processes, practices and tools remain relevant and connected, and continue to adapt to the ever-evolving context within which partner organizations and institutions operate.  To this end, Uniterra undertook an extensive process to systemize its capacity building practices in 2010,  Partners, volunteers and key staff reflected on lessons learned and identified what elements and factors contributed in the most significant way to strengthen partner organizations and sector capacity at program delivery and policy dialogue levels.  Uniterra’s continued work is grounded in results-based management and in continual adaptation to changing contexts and best practices.

Objectives / Objectifs

Uniterra's primary objective in Botswana is to strengthen capacity in human resources and systems in Botswana to effectively respond to the HIV/AIDS crisis. Support to organizations has consisted of capacity development in the areas of program planning, management and evaluation, advocacy and partnership building, knowledge sharing, and proposal development.

Outcomes / Résultats

To date, Uniterra has contributed to building the capacities of over 2,200 organizations in Botswana, including many networks and umbrella organizations.  More than 800 organisations strengthened their capacities to offer services to the public through human resource skills development activities and through the development of their capacities to mobilise resources and implement effective strategies in their respective sectors; more than 80 CSOs are now actively involved in dialogue on policies affecting their sector; and 243,000 women and girls improved their access to services. In Botswana, the program built the capacities of 20 organizations and 20 persons (75% of them women) in resource mobilization, 120 organizations and a total of 139 persons (68% of them women) in advocacy and, 80 organizations and 100 persons (58% of them women) in coordination and networking.

Annual Budget / Budget annuel

More than $500,000

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