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Volunteer Sending

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Canadian Crossroads International

Période de temps

2009 > 2014

Bolivia / Bolivie | Ghana / Ghana | Mali / Mali | Niger / Niger | Senegal / Sénégal | Swaziland / Swaziland | Togo / Togo | Zimbabwe / Zimbabwe

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Objectives / Objectifs

This volunteer sending program supports 459 volunteer placements which contribute to the development objectives of 30 developing-country organizations in collaboration with 30 Canadian organizations. These placements (or assignments/exchanges) and partnerships strengthen the capacity of partner organizations from developing countries to achieve development results through the sharing of skills and knowledge related to program delivery, organizational management, and engagement in policy dialogue. Canadian Crossroads International (CCI) is focusing on three areas of development, all within a gender equality framework:

  1. women's rights through increased political representation and reduced violence against women;
  2. poverty reduction through increased access to resources and a stronger social economy; and
  3. improved access to preventative care and treatment of HIV/AIDS and reduction of discrimination and stigma associated with this disease.

Annual Budget / Budget annuel

More than $500,000